Zain Nawaz

Expected Graduation:
January 2014
Degree Objectives:
The BBA (Bachelor in business administration) program is of 133 credit hours and requires full 4 years to complete.
University highlights, achievements and awards:

My experience so far in the HU Business School has been nothing short of pleasant. The classes are just the right size and course offerings span a wide array of. All of the professors have a unique specialty within their subject that they are more than willing to share with their students. Despite these positives, I must say that interaction with fellow students is what makes the BBA most rewarding. Classroom discussions are student-centered and often eye-opening because any and all student input has the opportunity to be expressed. Indeed, I have never completed a course here without having felt like my voice was heard.

I know that the skills and memories I will have gained at HU shall serve me well in my upcoming career and I would recommend that anyone pursuing an BBA at HU. You won’t regret it—I know I don’t’
High school:
St. Peter’s High School
I choose to attend HU because…..
Of facilities and opportunities offer me.HU is research oriented, study materials including course modules. Providing complete guidance. Its staff members are very promising to their work. I see the disciplined and friendly academic environment in HU. The university management really provides students with an Ideal environment where learning as well as the landscapes is stimulating
My favorite things to do on campus are….

  • As I am very social person so I mostly prefer to spend the time with different students like from different batches and departments. I feel happy when they share their knowledge and experience with me.
  • Sit with my friends and have gossips and social or study talks.
  • Sometime celebrate happiness and group study as well.