Ali Usman



Degree Objective

BSc Television Advertisement & Media Studies

High School

St. Anthony’s High School, Lahore

I choose to attend H.U because

I choose H.U because its location is central you can easily reach and can find each and every thing around the university area. They welcomed me with gratitude. They are providing best faculty. They give you every right to speak for your rights. They are providing healthy environment. Admin is very helpful. Campus is furnished providing each and every facility. There media department is very hi-tech and they are providing very learned experiences to the students. H.U in fact is providing there students the better of facilities one institution can provide in this decade.

When I have free time, I like

When I have free time I watch movies. I love to hang out with friends, arranging dinners with my family and friends. I love shopping.  I watch football. I spend time with my grandmother and the best part is when she shares stories of before partition with the perks of Ghalib and Iqbals influential and admiring stories.  In short I love spending my free time with my loved ones.

My favorite place to study is

My favorite place to study is the top floor of the university because you hardly see any one around and you can actually have a look all around the campus. You breathe fresh air which keeps your mind fresh and I create innovative ideas in that case I learn more quickly and shape ideas in a propermanner.

The one H.U experience I will always remember will be.

I will always remember the days of my volunteering for H.U societies because through this activity I communicated almost each and every student of Hajvery University which couldn’t be possible either ways. It was a very over whelming experience for me.HU provided me a lot of opportunities to excel in my life to become what I want.

Mostly I spend time with students of other discipline listening their view and ideas. Sometimes I may have conversation with my professors talking about their life experience that will be helpful for me through my educational career and likely for my professional career. I stay at campus till evening so I have group study with my friends. This is very helpful for me as to discuss on different issues with my friend, and of course we have a friendly environment.


My favorite place to study is...

Library because while learning I need silence that will be comfortable for me. For me I need a proper environment to study as I can easily focus on the subject. But I study in group so my friends also join me through sharing each other we got different ideas related to our subject. By doing this everyone get benefits regarding education and also this will help us to work in team at professional level.

The one HU experience I will always remember will be...

The project on different countries given by Professor Usman Ghauri it enhances our abilities and our confidence level. We presented ourselves as the natives of those countries wearing costumes relevant to their culture and performing some famous dance and fashion related to their culture. This experience is memorable for me as it improves my abilities being a student of HU. So HU gives the students different opportunities to proof themselves. I am proud to be HU’s student.


Maria Khan

Expected Graduation:

October 2016

Degree Objective:
Four Year Degree Program in Fashion Designing  University achievements and awards:

In Hajvery University we had the opportunity to really delve into our inner creativity. That freedom, with the guidance of the faculty, has definitely strengthened me as an artist. HU School of Fashion designing has improved my skills in painting and the use of space – and pushed me to think outside the box, inhibited by fewer reservations. I'm continuing my studies, with the goal of completing a degree in fashion designing and I believe the 'edgy thinking' I've developed at Loyalist will strengthen me in that pursuit."

High School:

Pakistan International School, Saudi Arabia.

I chose to attend HU because...

Hajvery University is a well recognized chartered University in Pakistan, especially known for its fashion degree. Students come from almost all over the country to enjoy their degree in a friendly environment under the supervision of well educated teachers. University provides its students with every possible facility and Fashion degree of HU is renowned all over Lahore.

The one HU experience I will always remember will be...

There are many every day is a new experience at campus but things which I enjoy the most are Sitting in ground premise specially in cold days of winters to enjoy the view of university, getting wet in rain, running after each other ,laughing loudly, playing badminton and sharing gossips.

Obaid Ur Rehman

Obaid Ur Rehman is a student of Bachelor of computer sciences.

Expected Graduation:
Year of 2015
University highlights, achievements and awards:

School of Computer Sciences provides students a mix of both academic theory and practical experience. The academic curriculum was designed in such a way that each subject builds on previous classes while at the same time complimenting both the classes and projects running concurrently. Classes were taught in an interactive fashion, allowing me to build on my own experience by learning from my classmates as well as the lecturer.
Studying at HU gives you access to one of interactive learning environment where I gain my energy and enthusiasm. I consider the HU to be one of the best decisions I ever made in my life and I am extremely proud of not only my own work but that of my classmates.
High School:
Defense Public School.
I chose to attend HU because...
I choose Hajvery University because; the faculty of computer science department is professional and best at their work. The management is comprehensive, compromising, educated, listen attentively and takes serious steps in the favor of the students. There are students of different backgrounds, by making interaction with them; I learn a lot of things which helps me to put my thoughts in right direction. In addition to this, it also helps me in self grooming.
My favorite things to do on campus are...
I enjoy a lot playing table tennis with my other friends. Interaction with students, dialogue on different topics increases my knowledge. Whenever I share my views with my seniors they always guide me in the right way. And we do a healthy debate, so it will end with some meaningful knowledge.
My favorite place to study is...
The place which I like most to study is our campus library. It is wide, airy and fully lighted. The thing which makes it different from other places is the environment, because you are not allowed to make any noise in the premises of the library. When there is silence then you can concentrate on your work efficiently.
The one HU experience I will always remember will be...
I will not forget that day, when suddenly I came to know that Chinese ambassador is going to visit our campus, as the president is not available so, I have to give him an overview of Hajvery University societies. I was so nervous and confused when I hear that, but I somehow gather my energy, put my words and thoughts in a shell and made up my mind to give my best in regard to represent my University.

Qurrat-ul-ain Shaukat

My name is Qurrat-ul-ain Shaukat and I am student of Hajvey University (HU).
I will complete my Pharm-D course in 2014.
Queen Marry College, Lahore.
I choose Pharm-D because Pharmacy is a profession which makes me able to save precious lives. Pharmacy itself is called as ‘LIFE SAVING PROFESSION’,
When I started the Pharm-D, which was a completely new Course for me, I had to struggle to accomplish academically. Thanks to the HU, I have now found that I am successful when undertaking assignments and organizing both myself and others. I have had huge amounts of support from the staff who will go out of their way to help you. I have also made some good friends here who will stay with me throughout the rest of my life.
I chose to attend HU because HU is a well-recognized university, and the faculty and staff in the graduated program and its environment attracts me to get admission in HU. I decided to attend this university because of its worth.
My favorite place to study is university library because library is the place where there is no crowd; its environment is calm and quiet, so I can concentrate on my study and there are a lot of books available in library and these books help me out to solve my queries.
The one experience I always remember was giving a presentation first time on the official book that is BRITISH PHARMACOPOEIA. I have received several compliments from teachers as well as from students. In that presentation, I deliver many important things that will be helpful for students of PHARM-D in future. The time I spent in university is very memorable. Here, I became a person who can live in a society with discipline and good attitude. Here I learned many things from every teacher and this learning makes me a person who can live a successful life with positive mind and attitude.

Uzma Roshan

Expected Masters…
Fall 2014

Degree Objective…

High School and College…
Lahore College for Women University

I choose to attend H.U because…
Well I visited a lot of Universities of Lahore for admission but when I came in H.U I found “it is the university which I want.”As H.U comes in W category Universities, have perfect friendly atmosphere for all students to students and with student to HU faculty and management , HU have thousands of books in libraries relating to each and every course in H.U , have excellent management , Course Professors , teachers , faculty and many more. This is the only university that provides me the platform in which I can show my abilities both in curricular and extra-curricular activities. I found that H.U is the only university that provides a lot of chances of carrier development as in home country and also in abroad as AIESEC& OIKOS is the great opportunity for H.U students.
Hajvery University gives a great opportunity for students to broaden their knowledge beyond their field of studies within an international multicultural environment. Due to its mega diversity of cultures it makes the place interesting, exciting and vibrant.
I gained valuable skills, awards and experiences that prepared me for my future career goals as well as made me more confidants and more valuable.

My favorite things to do on campus are…
Read books in library
Do search in Computer lab for making my projects excellent
Read all the notices placed by University faculty and different departments and also follow them.
Mostly attend and do participate in University Events, Parties and different Ceremonies.
And do chill with my sweet friends.
The one HU experience I will always remember will be...
The entire University experience is one huge opportunity of a lifetime. It's a great learning curve and something that definitely goes with you for the whole of your life. It does indeed shape your life. It is a lifetime achievement.

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