Sports & Recreation


Several sports and games are offered at the Hajvery University. These sports and games are categorized as indoors and outdoors. Available indoor activities include table tennis, scrabble, badminton, chess, foosball and darts, just to mention a few.

Outdoors sports include track or field athletics, football, volleyball, cricket, and others.

The HU has an excellent team responsible for coaching, managing and supervising and administering sport activities to help students in developing their interest in the games and in enhancing their participation standards. . Participation of students in these activities equips them to sharpen their competitive skills and develop team spirit.

Informal Recreation

The HU Travel and Recreation Program (TRIP) provides personal growth opportunities for students of the HU by offering unique, outdoor recreational experiences that promote leadership development, create a sense of community, and foster an appreciation and respect for nature.  TRiP offers many types of trips to many different locations.  Be prepared to meet wonderful people, to be surrounded by nature and to step out of your comfort zone in a fun and safe environment.