"Succeeding Academically, Live Campus Life & Build your Career!"

Successful students not only shine through during the classes but they also involve themselves fully in each course they attend. Opportunities are created in the classes; resources are made available to the students by the university to give them all they need to excel in the classroom as well as beyond the university walls.

As students connect with each other and with their teachers and faculty members alike, the relationships they create will make their time at HU richer and provide more opportunities for academic and personal growth. Have a look at our societies and our international opportunities to refine your talents and meet people who share your interests. Finally, involving yourself in different activities will broaden your horizons.

Through AIESEC and OIKOS, students are encouraged to dive into different cultures and languages, interact with people from different backgrounds and with different life trajectories. With AIESEC, interns will experience the professional world in a foreign country. Through OIKOS, students can develop their sense of social responsibility and help make a change in their surroundings and in their society as a whole.

Being a student is in many cases the first step in young people's careers. And HU wants to help its students in transitioning from the world of academia to the professional world as smoothly as possible. Therefore, on the HU Student Life website, students find many tips about career development, can directly interact with professionals. They can also join our career development society, post their CV on the HU website and look for a job with the HU platform as a starting point.

"The journey is the reward"