Obaid Ur Rehman

Obaid Ur Rehman is a student of Bachelor of computer sciences.

Expected Graduation:
Year of 2015
University highlights, achievements and awards:

School of Computer Sciences provides students a mix of both academic theory and practical experience. The academic curriculum was designed in such a way that each subject builds on previous classes while at the same time complimenting both the classes and projects running concurrently. Classes were taught in an interactive fashion, allowing me to build on my own experience by learning from my classmates as well as the lecturer.
Studying at HU gives you access to one of interactive learning environment where I gain my energy and enthusiasm. I consider the HU to be one of the best decisions I ever made in my life and I am extremely proud of not only my own work but that of my classmates.
High School:
Defense Public School.
I chose to attend HU because...
I choose Hajvery University because; the faculty of computer science department is professional and best at their work. The management is comprehensive, compromising, educated, listen attentively and takes serious steps in the favor of the students. There are students of different backgrounds, by making interaction with them; I learn a lot of things which helps me to put my thoughts in right direction. In addition to this, it also helps me in self grooming.
My favorite things to do on campus are...
I enjoy a lot playing table tennis with my other friends. Interaction with students, dialogue on different topics increases my knowledge. Whenever I share my views with my seniors they always guide me in the right way. And we do a healthy debate, so it will end with some meaningful knowledge.
My favorite place to study is...
The place which I like most to study is our campus library. It is wide, airy and fully lighted. The thing which makes it different from other places is the environment, because you are not allowed to make any noise in the premises of the library. When there is silence then you can concentrate on your work efficiently.
The one HU experience I will always remember will be...
I will not forget that day, when suddenly I came to know that Chinese ambassador is going to visit our campus, as the president is not available so, I have to give him an overview of Hajvery University societies. I was so nervous and confused when I hear that, but I somehow gather my energy, put my words and thoughts in a shell and made up my mind to give my best in regard to represent my University.