Maria Khan

Expected Graduation:

October 2016

Degree Objective:
Four Year Degree Program in Fashion Designing  University achievements and awards:

In Hajvery University we had the opportunity to really delve into our inner creativity. That freedom, with the guidance of the faculty, has definitely strengthened me as an artist. HU School of Fashion designing has improved my skills in painting and the use of space – and pushed me to think outside the box, inhibited by fewer reservations. I'm continuing my studies, with the goal of completing a degree in fashion designing and I believe the 'edgy thinking' I've developed at Loyalist will strengthen me in that pursuit."

High School:

Pakistan International School, Saudi Arabia.

I chose to attend HU because...

Hajvery University is a well recognized chartered University in Pakistan, especially known for its fashion degree. Students come from almost all over the country to enjoy their degree in a friendly environment under the supervision of well educated teachers. University provides its students with every possible facility and Fashion degree of HU is renowned all over Lahore.

The one HU experience I will always remember will be...

There are many every day is a new experience at campus but things which I enjoy the most are Sitting in ground premise specially in cold days of winters to enjoy the view of university, getting wet in rain, running after each other ,laughing loudly, playing badminton and sharing gossips.