Joint PhD (Joint Doctorate)

A joint PhD (other names: Joint Doctorate) is a doctoral degree awarded by two (or more) different institutions, who share the responsibilities of supervising, coordination and examining a researcher’s work towards a PhD degree. It is made possible through a contract of cooperation between the doctoral researcher, his or her supervisors (one at each institution) and the respective institutions of higher education. Either a joint degree is awarded or a double degree. In each case, the joint responsibility of each of the partners is clearly mentioned on the official diploma.

Considering a joint PhD?

Joint PhD contracts:

  • can be established from the start of the PhD degree
  • can also become a joint PhD during the course of research
  • can even be drawn up close to the PhD defence, as long as the minimum conditions set out by Hajvery University and the partner university have been met (see below)

Students from Hajvery University, as well as students from other universities, can start up the procedure for a Joint PhD degree.

What are the benefits of doing a joint PhD?

A joint PhD will enable a student to:

  •  enhance their research by collaborating with international experts while building networks,
  • gain valuable international exposure and experience in the management of global research projects,
  • broaden their future employment opportunities,
  •  learn how to navigate different research and educational systems, and
  • access facilities and skills training from two research-intensive universities.

Terms and Conditions:

Hajvery University has set minimal terms that must be met before a joint PhD contract can be established.

The doctoral candidate:

  • must have a approved PhD research proposal at Hajvery University (the contract states the date of approval by the faculty)
  • must have a supervisor in each cooperation institution
  • must formally enrol at each institution and therefore pay the tuition fee
  • must carry out research at each institution for at least six months
  • must defend the PhD degree in one of the partner institutions.

The degree awarded can be either a joint degree (one diploma signed by each institution) or a double degree (two diploma’s, with the name of the partnering institution clearly mentioned so they cannot be mistaken for two separate degrees).


1) Check

possibility First contact the student administration services of the partnering institution to make sure that joint PhD’s can be awarded there.

2) Supervisor

Make sure you have a supervisor at both institutions.

3) Approval

There are several steps to get your PhD research approved. One is recommend to start up these steps simultaneously. All international candidates need to complete a (mostly administrative) procedure during which the academic aspects (equivalence of your degree, research proposal, language skills) will be evaluated.