HU Students Going Abroad

HU Students Going Abroad is a student exchange program, which allows you to study overseas for up to one semester on exchange while gaining credit towards your HU degree. HU has agreements with 50+ universities in 40 countries around the world, so why not combine study and travel, discover a new culture, and establish a worldwide network of friends?

  • Student Experience
  • Choose a University
  • Attend an Info-session 
  • Why go abroad


Globally gain:

  • An appreciation of and respect for, diversity
  • A capacity to contribute to, and work within, the international community
  • An appreciation of, and a responsiveness to, change
  • A respect for ethical practice and social responsibility
  • The skills for effective communication

Academically develop:

  • The skills involved in scholarly enquiry
  • The ability to engage in independent and reflective learning
  • An in-depth engagement with the relevant disciplinary knowledge in its interdisciplinary context
  • The capacity for analytical and critical thinking and for creative problem solving
  • The capacity for enterprise, initiative and creativity
  • The skills required for collaborative and multidisciplinary work

Professionally gain:

  • A competitive edge in the international work force
  • Engage in international networks
  • Represent HU and Pakistan in the world arena

Personally gain:

  • Enhanced personal development including confidence and independence
  • Strengthen your cultural ties
  • Learn or develop your language skills
  • Meet people from different cultural backgrounds
  • Explore new and exciting places