Ali Usman



Degree Objective

BSc Television Advertisement & Media Studies

High School

St. Anthony’s High School, Lahore

I choose to attend H.U because

I choose H.U because its location is central you can easily reach and can find each and every thing around the university area. They welcomed me with gratitude. They are providing best faculty. They give you every right to speak for your rights. They are providing healthy environment. Admin is very helpful. Campus is furnished providing each and every facility. There media department is very hi-tech and they are providing very learned experiences to the students. H.U in fact is providing there students the better of facilities one institution can provide in this decade.

When I have free time, I like

When I have free time I watch movies. I love to hang out with friends, arranging dinners with my family and friends. I love shopping.  I watch football. I spend time with my grandmother and the best part is when she shares stories of before partition with the perks of Ghalib and Iqbals influential and admiring stories.  In short I love spending my free time with my loved ones.

My favorite place to study is

My favorite place to study is the top floor of the university because you hardly see any one around and you can actually have a look all around the campus. You breathe fresh air which keeps your mind fresh and I create innovative ideas in that case I learn more quickly and shape ideas in a propermanner.

The one H.U experience I will always remember will be.

I will always remember the days of my volunteering for H.U societies because through this activity I communicated almost each and every student of Hajvery University which couldn’t be possible either ways. It was a very over whelming experience for me.HU provided me a lot of opportunities to excel in my life to become what I want.

Mostly I spend time with students of other discipline listening their view and ideas. Sometimes I may have conversation with my professors talking about their life experience that will be helpful for me through my educational career and likely for my professional career. I stay at campus till evening so I have group study with my friends. This is very helpful for me as to discuss on different issues with my friend, and of course we have a friendly environment.


My favorite place to study is...

Library because while learning I need silence that will be comfortable for me. For me I need a proper environment to study as I can easily focus on the subject. But I study in group so my friends also join me through sharing each other we got different ideas related to our subject. By doing this everyone get benefits regarding education and also this will help us to work in team at professional level.

The one HU experience I will always remember will be...

The project on different countries given by Professor Usman Ghauri it enhances our abilities and our confidence level. We presented ourselves as the natives of those countries wearing costumes relevant to their culture and performing some famous dance and fashion related to their culture. This experience is memorable for me as it improves my abilities being a student of HU. So HU gives the students different opportunities to proof themselves. I am proud to be HU’s student.