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Syed Muneeb Hassan

My Name is Syed Muneeb Hassan and it’s my “first day experience at HU”
Life at HU turned out to be completely different from what I expected. Though life has never been a bed of roses for me, deep inside I still wanted to make the next two years of my life memorable. Wanted to start over maybe? 
When I got enrolled in HU, I knew I would have to face problems settling into a new ambiance but on the hindsight compromises seemed a roaring possibility. 
I remember I entered the college premises with new hopes and aspirations. College presented a new sight which was quite different from what I glimpsed on the prospectus, making it a nice jump into the blue. I came across many different faces on the first day, gazing at each one of them with a rather skeptical projection about their purpose in the campus. 

I was puzzled to see boys playing indoor and outdoor games, the cafeteria and the cuisine, to go with it. Hysterical laughter’s on the jokes that were being cracked by the students. I knew I would be a part of this amusement at university soon. The newly admitted students were in high spirits while I just stood there assessing each one of them, not being judgmental. I was just trying to figure out about how they felt being here. It was a hot day which of course added to the laziness. Making my way to the cafeteria I grabbed a bottle of chilled coke. HU reminded me of my school days waiting for recess and counting every single minute of the class to end. 

Well my first day will always be memorable not because of the fact that excitement was creeping in, but because to my astonishment it turned out to be completely different from what I had expected. An air of uncertainty gushed through my mind and with it the question of whether it is a place where I can socialize or not? But the answers laid before my eyes as I entered my class. Guys seemingly joyous were responsive and worthy to pal around with. A hint of worry passed through my mind as our teacher entered the room with a book, looking gruesome? But no….he actually turned out to be nice and dandy. All my concerns vanished right away. Settling down took this much. Teachers seemed amiable. Students, though a bit introvert, sounded nice. A cozy cafeteria was worth visiting with a renovation in sight, and lastly the campus gave me a subtle eureka, being drastically different from what I had perceived. So long story short I look forward to seeing my future unfold at Hajvery University.